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Sports Flooring & Gym Flooring Tiles: Basketball, Hockey - Swisstrax

Sportrax sports flooring & gym flooring tiles protect indoor or outdoor floors. Hockey, tennis, or basketball courts, gyms & play areas. 7 colors available! 【Get Price】

Graphic Floor Tiles: Graphictrax Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

Graphictrax are custom printed vinyl graphic floor tiles that provide endless options to customize your floor. Print unique designs or your company's logo! 【Get Price】

Hangar Floor Tiles l Swisstrax Garage & Event Modular Flooring Tiles

Take flight knowing your hangar floor is protected by the only tile that can up to 75000 lbs of rollover weight. swisstrax is the only solution guaranteed to meet the strength, durability and long-term maintenance requirements for aviation flooring  【Get Price】

Best Garage Floor Tiles: Ribtrax Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

Ribtrax is the best garage floor tiles, the ultimate interlocking tile for any garage, event, residential or commercial, outdoor, patio or pool area. 【Get Price】

Diamond Plate Flooring Tiles: Swisstrax Garage & Event Diamond

Diamond plate flooring tiles is a solid surface tile featuring a sturdy diamond tread design. Great for garages, workshops, showrooms and offices. 【Get Price】

Rubber Flooring Tiles: Rubbertrax Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

Rubbertrax ecycled rubber flooring tiles uses 100% post consumer recycled materials to protect garage, gym, residential, commercial and event floors. 【Get Price】

Flooring Tile Catalog l Swisstrax Garage & Event Modular Flooring

swisstrax isn't simply flooring. It lays the foundation for the finest garages, room & events in the world. Best of all, it comes with a 15-year warranty. 【Get Price】

Garage Flooring Options: Floortrax Swisstrax Event & Garage

At swisstrax, we have several interlocking floor tiles and garage flooring options with up to 19 available colors. Our interlocking floor tiles are vastly used for garage flooring, event flooring, outdoor flooring, patio flooring, trade show flooring,  【Get Price】

Portable Floor Tiles for Events & Tradeshows l Swisstrax Modular

Our interlocking, portable tiles are the ideal choice for trade shows and exhibit booths. swisstrax is a customizable and modular flooring solution that's easy to assemble and conveniently transported from location to location. Our interlocking  【Get Price】

Commercial Flooring Tiles l Customize Your Shop - Swisstrax

Transform your commercial flooring & business flooring with our premium interlocking floor tiles perfect for any office, industrial space or business. 【Get Price】

Carpet Flooring Tiles: Carpetrax Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

Plush, premium carpet flooring tiles for permanent or temporary installs. Carpetrax covers hard, solid, surfaces without the hassles of traditional carpet. 【Get Price】

About Swisstrax Garage Flooring & Event Flooring Swisstrax

Grounded in innovation Randy Nelson, Founder & CEO, swisstrax directed the development of this revolutionary modular flooring line in Switzerland. 【Get Price】

Garage Floor Tiles l Swisstrax Garage Flooring & Event Flooring Tiles

The toughest, low maintenance garage floor tiles. installed in hours, 19 colors, multiple garage flooring tile designs & 70000 lbs. of rollover strength. 【Get Price】

Pool Flooring & Patio Flooring Tiles l Swisstrax Residential Flooring

Transform your home flooring with swisstrax. Bring the the luxurious look of hardwood flooring to any room on a budget with vinyl wood flooring tiles. Your outdoor space can be just as fashionable as the inside, by customizing your patio or  【Get Price】

Portable Dance Floor Rental for Outdoor Events Swisstrax Floor

Transform events with our high quality outdoor, portable dance floor rental program. swisstrax is the global leader in modular flooring rentals for events. 【Get Price】

Garage & Event Flooring FAQs Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

swisstrax tiles have numerous advantages and benefits over the competition. See these FAQ's to learn why. 【Get Price】

Interlocking Floor Tiles: Floortrax Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

Floortrax interlocking floor tiles are solid surface tiles with a light texture design, perfect for garages, workshops, offices, showrooms & events. 【Get Price】

Garage Flooring Tiles, Systems and Designs. Customize Your Garage!

For over 20 years swisstrax has earned its reputation as “The World's Finest Modular flooring” by consistently providing a superior Garage flooring Tiles, Event flooring Tiles, Hangar flooring Tiles, Commercial flooring Tiles Maintenance  【Get Price】

Plastic Floor Tiles: Transform Your Floor with Interlocking - Swisstrax

Elevate your space with premium plastic floor tiles! Add superior protection and design to your garage, hangar, business, event or home. Get a free quote! 【Get Price】

Vinyl Flooring Tiles: Vinyltrax Swisstrax Event & Garage Flooring

Vinyltrax vinyl flooring tiles feature a premium vinyl insert in an interlocking polypropylene modular tile base. Perfect for any floor. 7 colors available! 【Get Price】