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Aerospace Parts from Powder : Additive Manufacturing Magazine

Additive manufacturing via laser sintering may offer Royal Engineered Composites and other shops willing to integrate this alternate manufacturing process opportunities to win business creating high-temperature plastic parts for the aerospace industry like this. 【Get Price】

Additive Manufacturing 3D Composites - Seattle 3D .

3D Composites is a leading additive manufacturing company in the greater Seattle area, with over 30 year in the aerospace industry. 【Get Price】

Stratasys partners with Siemens, Ford, Boeing ZDNet

Stratasys' new Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator gives manufacturers greater ability to make high-value composite production parts. Stratasys on Wednesday is unveiling new technologies in 3D printing, along with a series of major partnerships, all with the aim of advancing additive manufacturing for . 【Get Price】

Obama on Benghazi: "We will find those responsible" - CBS News

During a manufacturing event . Obama on Benghazi: "We will find those responsible . for aeronautics and equipment for additive manufacturing, composites and . 【Get Price】

Additive manufacturing comes to composites fabrication .

The use of continuous fiber in additive manufacturing systems is not trivial, but it is being done. As this fabrication technology evolves and matures, options for applying it in everything from automotive to aerospace to consumer composites will expand tremendously, creating a host of new opportunities for the composites industry. 【Get Price】

Additive Manufacturing for Composites Knowledge Center .

Additively manufactured composites offer advantages that include greater design flexibility, decreased costs and production efficiency. Download the e-book to learn how additive manufacturing enables a new era of lightweight structures with degrees of geometric complexity, part consolidation, and design optimization not previously possible. 【Get Price】

Ford's new room-sized 3D printer upends additive .

Auto Tech Ford's new room-sized 3D printer upends additive manufacturing as we know it. The Blue Oval's Stratasys Infinite Build 3D Printer could help to deliver lighter, more customized cars sooner. 【Get Price】

Additive Manufacturing CAMX – The Composites and .

Additive Manufacturing Advanced Materials for Thermoplastics Development of Low Density ULTEM Nanocomposites for . Putting Large Scale Additive to Work in Composites. 【Get Price】

Additive manufacturing of carbon fiber reinforced .

Additive manufacturing of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites using fused deposition modeling 【Get Price】

Additive manufacturing a new frontier for composites .

During more than two decades of R&D and commercial application, additive manufacturing processes have had a tremendous impact on the field of design, in the form of rapid prototyping and toolmaking and, more recently, part production. My previous AM report for CT (see “Editor's Picks," at . 【Get Price】

Impossible Objects boasts faster, more complex, stronger .

A new additive manufacturing company claims to . Impossible Objects boasts faster, more complex, stronger . "One fundamental insight is that composites are really . 【Get Price】

Additive Manufacturing for Fiber Reinforced Composites

Description . LLNL researchers have developed the hardware and chemistry to allow additive manufacturing of short carbon fibers in a thermoset polymer matrix which have a high degree of structural alignment over conventional cast or pressed short/chopped carbon fiber polymer composites. 【Get Price】

A review on additive manufacturing of polymer-fiber composites

Additive manufacturing of polymer-fiber composites has transformed AM into a robust manufacturing paradigm and enabled producing highly customized parts with significantly improved mechanical properties, compared to un-reinforced polymers. 【Get Price】